The advent of information technology to every aspect of human life and business has been so obvious that it does not need to be accentuated more. Information technology has been of great essence in the banking system.

The sector that has been most radically affected by the information technology developments is the banking system. The information technology has become a critical business resource because its absence could result in poor decisions and ultimately business failure. Technology has opened up new markets, new products, new services and efficient delivery channels for the banking industry. Online electronics banking, mobile banking and internet banking are just a few examples.

SSSIT has provided eBanking with the best products and services through enhancing the following:

  1. Increase customer satisfaction
  2. Increase eBanking Usefulness
  3. Increase ease of Use
  4. Faster data collection and reliability of collected data.
  5. Improve analysis and discussions which will have an effect on decision making

The following are the top clients for SSSIT eBanking:

  1. Saudi Credit and Saving Bank (SCSB)
  2. Bank ALBILAD
  3. Capital Market Authority (CMA)
  4. Saudi Stock Exchange (TADAWUL)
  5. Al-Rajhi Bank
  6. Islamic Development Bank (IDB)
  7. The Saudi Investment Bank (SAIB)