eGovernment Solutions

The concept of eGovernment was inspired by e-business and e-commerce in the late 1990s. The use of information and communication technology (ICT) in business was tremendously enhancing business performance. Successful implementation of ecommerce and e-business led governments worldwide to introduce ICT in the public sector, too. Their main aim was to provide information and services to citizens, businesses and other public departments using the Internet and the World Wide Web (www). Slowly, the plan came to fruition, thanks to the already existing concepts of ecommerce and e-business. Today almost all countries in the world are efficiently and effectively using the eGovernment concept.

While SSSIT stay focused o their clients, eGovernment clients are the best of our client as SSSIT helped this sector improve the following:

  1. Users as co-producers
  2. Improved services
  3. Citizen involvement

The early life of e-governance initiatives has already seen a shift in understanding, from the view that increasing access to services by putting them on the web was all that was needed, to a more sophisticated notion of a transformed public realm. ICTs of course only enable this transformation, they do not create it and hence the social and political norms in any areas will determine the outcome of the ‘e-governance’ systems.

The best successful client for SSSIT will be listed as following:

  1. Al-Qassim Municipality
  2. Social Security Corporation (SSC)
  3. Dubai Municipality (DM)
  4. Al-Qassim Municipality
  5. Ministry of Labor (MOL)
  6. Royal Hashemite Court (RHC)
  7. Saudi Royal Court
  8. Council of Ministers General Secretariat
  9. Institute of Public Administration (IPA)
  10. General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers (GSCM)