Telecom operators are facing increasing challenges in the digital era.

The telecommunications sector evolved from the telegraph, where communication took days, to modern technology, where large amounts of data can be sent in seconds. These shifts are due to technology, and they changed how people live and do business. At one time, telecommunications required physical wires connecting homes and businesses. In modern society, this is changing with mobile technology and wireless technology becoming the primary form of communication.

From SSSIT the past experiences the best strategy is to build up an open platform that can attract participation from any environment. Telecom operators should also lead the healthy development of this ecosystem, and the combination of Internet and telecom companies will become the core competitiveness.

The effect of telecommunication has touched a lot of areas such as Governments, Commercial businesses, News & Media, Educational organizations.

One of the successful telecommunication project developed by SSSIT is Communications and Information Technology Commission (CITC).