Microsoft Gold Certified Partner

Business Process Management (BPM)

SSSIT is proud being Gold Certified Partner of Microsoft Corporation, one of the most international companies pioneering in the field of providing software services and Internet technology to businesses and individuals.

Microsoft Gold partnership help to make SSSIT became one of the top competitive companies in the region, it allows us to grow from a product/service point of view, and make us one of the kind in our domain. They provide the following driver to SSSIT to grow more efficiently:

  • Better understanding for the business needs and as a result offering a values added services.
  • Providing cloud products.
  • Enhance the training to introduce a professional resource.
  • Add marketing resources that will result of reduce cost of sale.

SSSIT provide the following services with Microsoft Corporation collaboration:

  • Integration services.
  • Deployment services.
  • Implementation services.