Establishment of A4SADAD

Establishment of EDARA

A4SADAD is a customizable product that can provide Saudi Banks and billers with all the functionalities offered by SADAD.

SADAD is the new Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment (EBPP) service in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Being created under the sponsorship and control of the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency (SAMA), SADAD will consolidate aggregated/summary bill data from all registered Billers in the kingdom, allow customers to connect and query for up to date bill information and make online payments against these bills through the standard banking delivery channels.

A4SADAD had exceptional attributes:

  • Integration system for SADAD covering all business processes specified in the latest SADAD Specifications documents published by SAMA.
  • Two way messaging between the SADAD Gateway and different delivery channels at Saudi Bank.
  • Two way messaging between the SADAD Gateway and Saudi Billers.
  • The system handles reconciliation and settlement instructions initiated from SADAD and provide the functionality by means of communicating with relevant backend systems at Saudi Banks and/or Billers.
  • All messages are transmitted through HTTPS over Secure Socket Layer (SSL) as per the SADAD PKI Requirements.
  • All messages are validated according to the latest business rules specified in SADAD Specifications The system provides highly available and scalable infrastructure.
  • A4SADAD system provide recovery mechanisms to retry sending messages in case of network failures.

The system can be customized to support specific needs in the following areas:

  • Notification Services to notify customers about new bills or payments.
  • Tailored Reports (summary, and detailed).