Establishment of C4SADAD

Establishment of C4 Sadad

And e-payment system customizable to fit the clits specific needs. C4 SADAD product provide banks and billers all needed features to generate payments online using Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency (SAMA).

C4SADAD is the best integration system for SADAD to cover all business process specified by SAMA.

C4SADAD facilitates uploading bills and payments using simple, user friendly interface that make it easy to conduct work using it. It is also considered a great operational, time management tool that allow clients to monitor and control every single step of the process.

The main features for C4 SADAD are:

  1. Create a new channel on electronic government with the possibility of paying bills easily 24 hours a day using just the internet.
  2. It can be easily linked and integrated with other systems.
  3. Provide a reliable messaging channel to ensure accuracy of the transactions.
  4. Lowe operational cost and flexibility in performing tasks.
  5. Easily managed.
  6. Easily maintained plus scalability feature.
  7. Customer relationship is retained by biller and bankers.
  8. Two way messaging between SADAD and banks.
  9. Outstanding data security.
  10. Completely configurable.
  11. Customized reports to fit the client’s needs.