Establishment of Edara

Establishment of EDARA

Edara is a Government Resource Planning (GRP), which aims to automate the entire administrative and financial processes of a government’s civilian and military sectors.

Edara® meets the requirements of the governmental sectors for latest IT technologies and agility while granting maximum accuracy, privacy, and confidentiality. EDARA® accommodates the latest governmental administrative and financial regulations of the country, in which it is used.

Edara® is comprised of the following three modules:

  • MAWARED, which enables the full management of the entire HR processes, such as human resources, payroll, and training.
  • AMWAL, which facilitates the complete management of budget control and the financial transactions.
  • IMDAD, which includes the comprehensive management of the systems of purchase and tenders, logistics, warehouses, stock control and custodies, maintenance, transportation, housing, and catering.

Edara® is a fully integrated system that automates the entire work of the governmental organization, which increases productivity, saves time and effort, and enables better-informed decisions. It also provides employee self-service, security, high performance, reliability, interoperability, and scalability.