Establishment of eMORASALAT

Business Process Management (BPM)

eMORASALAT is a complete solution, incorporating a complete set of modules that automates the different mailing processes in an organization such as inbound and outbound mail management, tracking of all transactions, scheduling document modification times, follow-up and reporting, archiving, strong search engine, in addition to user behavior and analysis.

eMORASALAT provides employee self-service, security, high performance, interoperability, and scalability.

eMORASALAT provides value to customers by enabling them to:

  • Enhance decision making since it creates a database of all the organization's data.
  • Improve reliability.
  • Measure mail process optimization.
  • Eliminate bureaucracy streamlining processes.
  • Reduce the organization's overhead.

eMORASALAT has many other features that make it the best one in the correspondence systems:

  • Integration with other Systems.
  • Customization and Configuration.
  • Easy to Install and Maintain.

eMORASALAT gives you the following privileges:

  • Central Document Repository.
  • Document Imaging and Scanning.
  • Barcode Reading/Printing.
  • Document Classification and Filing.
  • Document Routing Across Departments and Work Centers.