Integration and E-Services

SSSiT is very eager to help you run your business in a premium way through providing the best solutions and services that fit your organization needs. We help you simplify the execution of daily tasks and qualify the staff with the required technical skills by providing professional eServices.

As a one of the leading companies in the eService field, we ensure that the products we build have special properties, making them easily-used, efficiently managed and highly safe products. So what eServices can do:

  • Increase availability for functions and resources such as accounting, HR…
  • Increase in the number of specialized Web portal sites which make it easier for user to find what they are looking for.

SSSiT implementation methodology is highly scalable and has a proven track record of success with large enterprise customers. We are able to ensure maximum customer satisfaction, global adoption and quantifiable business value.

Our eServices include:

  • SharePoint Solutions and Customized Web Applications.
  • Integration Services.
  • Automating Business Processes (BPM).

SSSiT can serve you using eServices no matter what you are looking for if it’s a new opportunity, practical solutions, or even direct implementation. We focus on achieving the right result that bring the added value to your organization. Because our breadth of skills extends from strategy and execution to continuous performance improvement.