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Intranet / Internet Portals (Microsoft SharePoint®)

SSSiT had a strategic relation with Microsoft, with fastest growing product ever in the history of Microsoft, Microsoft SharePoint® stands as the industry standard horizontal portal solution. SSSiT have adopted Microsoft SharePoint® in the much earlier versions and continued to extend .Net development experience onboard to build applications and E-Services on top of Microsoft SharePoint.

With a distingue team of MS SharePoint Experts who extended the functionality of MS SharePoint® in more than one area that got the global recognition of Microsoft as one of the very specialized development partners for Microsoft. Among the many very big projects on Microsoft SharePoint®, is the example of Ministry of Industry and Commerce (MoIC), where Microsoft SharePoint® forms the presentation layer for many business critical applications and provides internet and intranet portal with a highly customizable, extensible and powerful web portal platform. SSSiT joined Microsoft consulting services (MCS) in many leader high quality assignments.

In implementing Microsoft SharePoint® we follow unique methodology that is close to Microsoft Solution Framework (MSF) with agile flavor, and using add-ons from global players, and in-house developed with architect driven and component-based development approach.

Our pride in Microsoft SharePoint® discipline is our people, who made everything done to Microsoft in our region by SSSIT come true, due to their extensive knowledge, lab-based testing and continued devotion to this technology. In some occasions, software updates/new announced feature to Microsoft SharePoint® were caused by the development/testing of our team.