Al-Qassim Municipality

Al-Qassim Municipality

Al-Qassim Municipality is the responsible for Al-Qassim province management, where it serves more than one and a half million citizens in Saudi Arabia on more than 65,000 km².

The Case

Due to wide distance between the Al-Qassim province cities, all of the services provided by the municipality used to take a big time to be processed and approved, the time were spent on the communication, approvals and validating the business rules, the core services of the Al-Qassim Municipality are divided into two main categories internal and external.

Business Process Management (BPM)

As mentioned in the figure #1 above, the services were divided into two main categories, External and Internal.

Business Process Management (BPM)

The Solution

Capture all processes inside the Qassim Municipality and analyze it to generate the AS-IS process documentation as the initial step to create TO-BE processes by optimizing the AS-IS and extract the processes that can be automated.

The next phase was automating all core services using BPM platform and integrate the services to the External and internal portals for the Municipality.

The process Lifecycle is totally managed by BPM platform, and that includes the support processes for the core services to ensure the future expandability.

  • Increased portal visitors and minimize the step in visitors.
  • 60% reduction of services processing lifetime.
  • 50% reduction of operational cost

Internal Services

These services are internal services inside the Municipality to enhance the cooperation between the employees across all units in different cities.

Material Requesition External Assignment Internal Training Employee Card Vacation Request Mandate Request
This process starts from any employee who has the privilege to launch this service and the approval forms will go immediately after submitting to the supervisors than to the Purchase department to provide the requested materials. After Creating the Organization chart a security enabled for all of the supervisors in the Municipality for initiate a process assign resources on external activities, this process will pass by the HR Department to process it then to the finance to prepare the petty cash The employees can request internal training from their supervisors and this request will go to the training department after the supervisor approval. After Onboarding process across all regions, the employee will login to the portal and fill his information to create the Employee Card, this information will go after that the concerned departments to process and approve the request. The Employees can request vacation from the supervisor, HR and update the vacation balance required all in a single step by submitting the form. This process use to take a long time to be approved, but after implementing BPM platform this process was all automated to Mandate resources between the cities across all of Saudi Arabia