Human Resource Development Funds (HRDF)

Human Resource Development Funds (HRDF)

Project Name

Saifi Summer Training


Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


Our solution will help achieving the following:

  • Adopting a holistic view of how SharePoint fits into your organization’s digital workplace.
  • Ensuring that SharePoint is deployed to support the way that teams work and collaborate.
  • Approaching SharePoint as an ongoing program.
  • Not losing sight of the user.


HRDF aims to have its information on collaborative open access information Intranet and Internet Portals, where all users (internal/ external) will be able to interact with each other’s through these portals.

Building the intranet and internet portals as the single point of access for all Internal and External applications for HRDF Employees and Beneficiaries respectively, and the design will be based on Yesser and “Raqami” web Award standards.