Al-Qassim Municipality

Al-Qassim Municipality

Project Name

MoQ Project


Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


Our solution will help achieving the following:

  • Adopting a holistic view of how SharePoint fits into your organization’s digital workplace.
  • Ensuring that SharePoint is deployed to support the way that teams work and collaborate.
  • Approaching SharePoint as an ongoing program.
  • Not losing sight of the user.


  • Automating Internal and External business processes in AlQassim Municipality by using the business process management tools (Appian BPM).
  • Developing and Implementing AlQassim Municipality portal platforms by using Microsoft SharePoint; AlQassim Municipality portal platform will contain the MoQ e-services.
  • Developing the information architecture, the UI Themes, and the Site Templates for both the Internet Portal and Intranet Portal.

Al-Qassim Municipality