Saudi Credit and Saving Bank (SCSB)

Saudi Credit and Saving Bank (SCSB)

Project Name

Enterprise Banking Solution


Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


Our solution will help achieving the following:

  • Adopting a holistic view of how SharePoint fits into your organization’s digital workplace.
  • Ensuring that SharePoint is deployed to support the way that teams work and collaborate.
  • Approaching SharePoint as an ongoing program.
  • Not losing sight of the user.


EBS is intended to cover the business requirements related to Loans Management, which includes the Business Processes, transactional requirements related to the Loans and related accounting as well as billing.

The Solution offers e-services to the citizens over the internet to provide efficiency and transparency. Furthermore, the Solution integrates with the Government Service Bus to complete the loan business cycle electronically by consuming the government services of the Ministry of Interior among others. Since no electronic services are complete without electronic payment solution, and since collection is a huge overhead on the bank, the solution will integrate with SADAD adapter existing at the bank. Additionally the Solution will be integrated with SIMAH.

Implementing the solution over Appian, which is a robust, comprehensive business process management solution that provides a rapid way to compose, and deploy, and improve business processes across the organization.

Saudi Credit and Saving Bank (SCSB)