IPA - Institute of Public Administration



  • Inability to find and access content.
  • Inability to taxonomy and classified the contents.
  • Lack of security & version control.
  • Duplication of content.
  • Redundant and manual processes.
  • High cost of maintaining multiple content management solutions that support various line of business applications.
  • Pressure to provide tools and solutions to manage content more easily in a multitude of channels (online, video , …).
  • Out of date and inaccurate content.
  • Content that lasts forever (risk).
  • Inability to manage the volumes of paper and electronic documents that grow exponentially each day including transactional content such as invoices, sales orders, contracts, etc. Excessive dependence on IT staff to create, upload, modify, or retire content.
  • Regulatory compliance concerns, including electronic preservation and discovery of information for legal use.


The best and comprehensive solution for IPA that elevates content management to a strategic advantage for the enterprise. We found that Oracle WebCenter’s content management solution delivers:

IPA - Institute of Public Administration

Cost savings: Oracle’s unified enterprise content management solution offers efficiencies and lowers total cost of ownership.

Productivity gains: Oracle WebCenter provides the ability to surface content at the right time and enable employees to quickly solve problems, make decisions, and innovate.

Risk Management: This system helps the enterprise mitigate risks by ensuring that all enterprise information is properly stored, tracked, retained, searched, retrieved, and disposed of properly. It also allows companies to consolidate their content with a single vendor, further reducing risk.

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IPA - Institute of Public Administration