Saudi Credit and Saving Bank (SCSB)

Saudi Credit and Saving Bank (SCSB)

The Bank is considered to be one of the cornerstones of Saudi Government. As It is a financing industry that grant loans for citizens, to enable them to contribute to the construction of this generous country.

Currently this bank has more than 2 million loans across all Saudi Arabia regions, and this number in the progress to be duplicated within a year.

The Case

The desired goal from creating this bank, unfortunately was not accomplished because of the time taken in the processes the loan application and approving it. The time needed to reject or to approve a loan used to take 6-8 months which was a pain-touching point to requestors. Another important factor was the collecting the payments from the citizens, because the collection module was not going through a clear process to ensure that all payments has made to the bank. The structure of the SCSB services is shown in the figure below.

Saudi Credit and Saving Bank (SCSB)

The Solution

SSSIT found the cause of SCSB process leaks which was the cooperation between the team, BPM social help them out to assign the responsibilities between the teams and enforce the work rules to grant loans to Saudi citizens.

Saudi Credit and Saving Bank (SCSB)

Through a clear defined process, all loan applications will be submitted through a web interface by the citizen himself, who will save the time for both parties, BPM rule engine will check the rules automatically and integrate to the Saudi GSB to ensure that all of the submitted information were submitted correctly and in few seconds the initial approval will appear to the citizen.

The application cycle will go forward through the different departments and almost in the same day the applicant will know if the loan Application were approved or not, through BPM web interface, BPM Mobile or SMS received to his cell phone.

Saudi Credit and Saving Bank (SCSB)

The collection Module will immediately start collecting the payments through a state of art process, clear and integrated to the accounting and payments systems, no payments can be made without going into the collection rules.

  • 90% Decrease of the bank visitors
  • 90% reduction of services processing life time.
  • 80% reduction of operational cost
  • Increase the cooperation between the team through BPM

The loan process

Loan Application Automatic Approval Loan Acceptance Collection
A Web interface to submit the loan application integrated to some governmental services to get required information to submit the loan, the citizen can login into his dashboard to see all of the information related to his Loan. Business processes in this phase integrated to Saudi GSB to check information accuracy, and through BPM solid rule engine, the loan will be reviewed and checked automatically to make it initially approved. The initial approved loans will move forward to the loan inspectors for human interaction and check then to the loan manager and loan approval committee, all of these will be created automatically and a state of art orchestration goes in behind to ensure employees cooperation. Payment collection starts automatically according to the predefined business rules and invoices will be generated through custom services created especially for this need, all of the generated invoices will be uploaded automatically to the payment gateway and when payment made, automatic accounting transactions will be placed into the accounting system